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Redricks Target Shooting Club

Redricks Ranges also run a Home Office Approved Club.

You may be able to become a member of our Home Office Approved Club, with or without a Firearms Certificate (FAC). Full club membership is great justification to continue to hold an FAC, and to eventually apply for your own FAC and to be able to possess firearms of your own.

Club membership brings about certain advantages not least being reduced range hire costs. Members can shoot on the Club night, a night reserved just for Club members, as well as taking advantage of the other ways to shoot that the Range offers on week days. Club firearms are available free of charge on Club nights and can be made available during the week with prior notice.

Whether you have your FAC already or wish to progress to applying for and owning your own firearms Redricks Rifles is a great place to start. Becoming a member also allows the the use of larger calibre centre-fire firearms, something not generally permitted to those not a member of a HO approved club.

Membership runs from January to December. Further details and information on how to apply for membership is available from the Range Office or by using the contact form.

PLEASE NOTE: All new Club members will be required to complete a Range Induction and a 3-6 month Probationary Period with regular attendance. Non-FAC holders will complete formal safety instruction sessions during this time (approximately 15 minutes each) as well as the Range Induction before their membership can be progressed from Probationary Member to Full Member.