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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

There is a first time for everything, and you will be in good hands! New shooters will be fully supervised at all times. We can offer expert tuition by fully trained instructors at both Redricks Ranges, and on all of our Skill at Arms experiences.
Have you thought about booking on one of our themed Experiences? The Rifle Shooting Experience is perfect for beginners, and hosts a variety of different shooting styles to give you a comfortable overview on rifle shooting, the WWII and Gamers' Experiences give you a taste of different rifle types. Head on over to the Skill at Arms website to find out more!
Yes and No.
Range space is limited and it is often best to call ahead or pre-book to make sure we are open and there will be space available. You may be lucky but you could have a wait.
Shooting is a very inclusive sport. It doesn't much matter your age, gender or physical ability. All the ranges are wheelchair accessible and we can cater for most situations. If your need is slightly unusual or more challenging we can probably find a solution with a bit of planning. Please feel free to call and discus your particular concerns with us.
There are certain restrictions to shooting. The biggest barrier is your past history. If you have been sentenced to a custodial sentence you may be barred from having firearms and ammunition in your possession, that includes airguns and pellets. You will be required to sign in at every visit and in doing so you will be declaring that you are not prohibited by virtue of Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968. Please ask if you are unsure and we can explain the full implications.
We have a limit on the live range of 12+ for members and 14+ for non-members, and on the air range of 12+. Under 18s will be required to have a parent or guardian (over 21) with them at all times (the Guardian must bring photo ID).

Membership questions

Subscription to the range does offer benefits, not least reduced target fees and equipment hire. The more you shoot the more you'll save so if you plan on coming regularly it is beneficial to join, if it is only the occasional session then maybe not so much. If you would like to find out more about our range prices and subscription services, please click here.
The Club and the range are two separate entities, you can be a member of either or both depending upon your needs. Membership of (or rather subscription to) the Range allows cheaper shooting during the days we are open and only allows the use of small-bore rifles (for non-FAC holders) and personal firearms (for FAC holders) within range limits of course.
Membership of Redricks Target Shooting Club allows a member to start or continue the process of getting an FAC and owning personal firearms. It also allows the use of firearms of larger calibre than .22 on our range without a license.
Home Office Club membership can all be a bit confusing so please ask at the range for further information or clarification.
Pay-n-Play guests can use Redricks Range's .22LR rifles only. FAC holders and Club members are allowed to hire or borrow rifles of larger calibre with certain restrictions. FAC holders can always use their own rifles, subject to range limits.
-ish... Being a member of a club is perfect justification holding or applying for a Firearms Certificate (FAC) and then being able to buy your own firearms. There are certain prerequisits that must be met. Please ask at the range for further information.
The Air Rifle Range has limits allowing rifles of up to 12ft.lb and pistols of 6ft.lb maximum. FAC airguns are not allowed in any of the ranges. The Live Fire Range has a limit for MV of 1735fps (1705fps centre-fire) and ME of 210ftlb (475ftlb centre-fire) affectively allowing small-bore and Low-Velocity-Centre-Fire (commonly called gallery rifle or pistol calibre) firearms. Please no jacketed or wadcutter ammunition nor black powder (or BP substitute) cartridges.
NOTE: .17HMR is not allowed.
Club Members can benefit from borrowing Club rifles. There are several different types varying from small-bore single shot Martini Action, Bolt Action and Semi-Auto to full-bore (pistol calibre) lever action rifles. Non-Club members are limited to small-bore rifles only (including Range subscribers/members). If you would like to find out more about our range prices and subscription services, please click here.

There are certain restrictions to guests shooting and what they will be allowed to shoot. Please ask at the range for full details.

Member's guests will only be allowed to be a 'guest' twice before being asked to join or continue as Pay-n-Play. Guests will need to bring Photo ID and will need a range induction on their first visit.