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About Redricks Ranges

Redricks Ranges were built on the site of an old army base from the Second World War. The buildings were originally used as a pig farm and then later to grow mushrooms but lay essentially unused for nearly 50 years.

Unused that was until just as Covid hit it was decided to convert the building into a range.

What ensued was a frantic struggle to source building materials, control social distancing amongst the workforce and rush to get ready to open as the lockdowns finished, a time period the length of which we had no idea. This we actually managed to achieve and by the end of the year the build was finally completed.

With the nice new facility to fill it soon became the home of Redricks Target Shooting Club, Yeomanry Rifle Club and the main base of operations of Skill At Arms Ltd and AR15.co.uk.


A little about Skill At Arms

Skill At Arms has been providing shooting experiences to individuals and groups since 2015 and have introduced many hundreds of people to our wonderful sport. Many have taken up the challenge and rewards of joining clubs and getting their own firearms and many now compete in shooting competitions. For those that don't take it up we like to think we have somewhat demistified the world of target shooting and given many a better understanding of what sensible firearm ownership is all about, how it can be an inclusive sport like no other and the joy and sense of satisfaction target shooting can bring.


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