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A new 25yd small-bore and GRCF range, and 10m Air gun range. Come and enjoy regular shooting as a member or as a guest.



We offer a selection of Themed Shooting Experiences and introductary sessions on our outdoor and indoor range.

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Gunsmith services such as firearms hire and sale, storage, transfers or repairs and servicing and ammunition.

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The Ranges

The Ranges are mostly complete, we are just waiting for the lock-down to end so we can play indoors. We intend to be open most days of the week from 10:00 until 17:00 and on Sundays from 10:00 until 12:30 with evening sessions being reserved for local clubs.

Air rifles and air pistols will be allowed on the 10m air range and on the 25yd live-fire range only rifles will be allowed, no air rifles/pistols. Due to the range construction only shoulder fired firearms are permitted on the 25yd range, so no pistols will be permitted on this range.


We are currently in the process of getting Home Office Approval as a rifle club. This will allow members of the Club to continue to hold and be granted a firearms certificate (FAC) and be able to use larger calibre firearms than those available to non-club/non-FAC holders.

You don't have to be a member of the HO Club to shoot. You will be able to come along to the range and shoot as Pay-n-Play guests. If you have your own FAC and firearms then providing they meet the range limits you will be able to use them for a small charge. Those without an FAC can come and use the range rifles but these are limited to .22LR calibre. Regular attendees could benefit by purchasing a years membership, if you intend to shoot more than about once a month this will save you in the long term.

Please contact us with any questions.


Range Limits

# Type Muzzle Energy Muzzle Velocity
Indoor Air Rifle Range Air Pistols 6ftlb (8J) -
Air Rifles 12ftlb (12J) -
25yd Range* 22LR Rifles 210ftlb (285J) 1735fps (530m/s)
LV Centre-fire 475ftlb (645J) 1705fps (520m/s)
  • only shoulder fired firearms, no LBP/LBR
  • smokeless powder cartridges only, no black powder or BP substitutes

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